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E-mail outreach strategy for TribeScale

The Project: Defining and copywriting the Onboarding communication strategy of TribeScale

TribeScale is a SaaS web and mobile based team management platform. In order to improve Pirate metrics, I helped define a communication strategy both with in-apps messages and an e-mail outreach campaign set depending on time after sign-up, milestones achieved and direct or via invitation registration.

Welcome e-mail

The welcome e-mail contained all the basic information for future reference. For users who registered directly and not via a team manager invitation, we also proposed a Free Demo with our Customer Success Team to help them activate.

email outreach saas welcome emai


Invitations to team members was essential for user activation and conversion, therefore a special e-mail was crafted to encourage invitations. I introduced gamification with the use of a 3 step process, and focused on a single action with a clear call to action.

To make sure users took effective action instead of waiting for their colleagues to join, I added two other actions that could be taken meanwhile, but didn’t introduce further education on the platform to keep things focused on team invitation.

email outreach saas activation


For activated users, we introduced an educational series of e-mails bound to present advanced features so that they could get a grasp of the platform’s added value and foster retention.

In the example I focused on creating team goals, guiding the user with different steps, as well as linking to an article on our Blog to provide inspiration.

Call to Action

When we introduced the Organisation level Dashboard, I realised some team managers might not be aware they had to transfer their “Tribes” (team chat groups) to the new organisation. To make sure they message came through, we targeted and sent both in-app and e-mail messages illustrating the explanation with a gif.


To encourage formal feedback from our users, both paying and free, we sent in-app and e-mail messages asking for their opinion. I encouraged participation by providing a reward.

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