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Improving user onboarding and car enrollment for My SEAT App

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The project: Improve the user onboarding and the car enrollment features in My SEAT App

SEAT, the Spanish car brand famous for its modern and youthful designs, has been working recently on improving their connected driving app, My SEAT App, in order to boost downloads and user activation. As part of the digital consultancy C14, I belong to the design team that is building new features and improvements.

Date: December 2019 – ongoing
Company: SEAT

Aitor Campos – POFernando García – Project Manager
Alberto López – Lead UX/UI Designer
Hana Gausfain – UX Writer
Marta Tomás – UX / UI Designer
Alberto de las Heras – UX / UI Designer

The challenge
Since 2020 all the new manufactured SEAT vehicles come with an integrated SIM card that allows drivers to interact with their cars seamlessly thanks to SEAT Connect App.

However, for old models, a connectivity device called SEAT DataPlug is needed in order to send one-way information from the vehicle to My SEAT APP on your smartphone.

I was contacted to help improve the user experience and drive car enrollment by clearly explaining the benefits of the app and guide users into installing or activating the DataPlug.

My approach

  • I collaborated with the copywriting team to fully understand SEAT’s tone of voice and follow its guidelines.
  • Went through the onboarding screens in English and Spanish and edited existing copy to focus on goals with clear, straight to the point copywriting.
  • Collaborated with the UX Designers to improve the interaction in the enrollment flow, edited old copy, and wrote new one to drive conversion.

    Onboarding screens improvements
ux writing hana gausfain my seat app onboarding

The first screen was focusing on the new app improvements, assuming the user already had an old version.
The new copy has a more generic approach, welcoming both new and old users of the app, and focusses on their experience.

ux writing hana gausfain my seat app onboarding

This screen was to let users know that they could book a maintenance service appointment directly from the app.
On the original screen, the concept of “Help” might lead to confusion, implying a customer care service, where you get direct assistance through the app.
The new copy speaks directly to the users and empower them with an action verb to take care of their car.

ux writing hana gausfain my seat app onboarding

Like other companies, such as Apple with the Apple ID, SEAT allows you to create your own SEAT ID and access all connected services with a single login.
On the original screen, the copy might mislead users into thinking they already need a SEAT ID in order to sign up.
The new copy clarifies that they can sign up to the service or lo gin with their SEAT ID, and uses a more engaging call to action.

Car enrollment modal improvement

ux writing hana gausfain my seat app

If users already have their DataPlug device, they can add their vehicle to the app my connecting it directly. This way they can receive real time data such as the vehicle statistics or locate where it’s parked. If they still don’t have the dongle, they can manually add their car and they will be able to receive maintenance reminders and manually save costs among others.

With up to 4 different call to actions, the original screen is too busy. Moreove the button “I don’t have My SEAT Dataplug” is not clear: am I going to ask for one if I tap on the button?

The new copy removes the cancel button, and changes the secondary to explain better what the action means. Users will still be able to manually add their cars and connect later with their DataPlug.

Note: This is a temporary solution while the new version with an improved car enrollment flow is released.

Next steps

We’re currently working on a simplified car enrollment flow to improve the user’s experience and facilitate the installation of the Dataplug so that users can benefit from all the connected features.

Thank you for reading this far, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or questions.

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