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UX & Content Designer

Hi, this is Hana. Passionate about creating and sharing inspiring digital products that transform people’s lives.

Leveraging my extensive background in Communications and Account Management, my mission is to understand users’ and business’ needs and goals, and create a common meeting place.

As I writer, I understand the importance of choosing the right words to encourage specific actions. In the same way, when working in user & customer experience, I’m able to understand which features and interactions will most benefit both my clients and end-users to reach their goals.

Working alongside Marketing, UX, CS and Product teams has allowed me to be involved in all different stages of the product design and communication.  From research to strategic product decisions and final user testing, gaining an overall perspective of the product management cycle.




Collaborating with Product Owners, Designers, and Developers, I contribute in every aspect of the product design cycle with a strong focus on creating and managing effective UI copy.

Content Strategy

With over a decade of experience in digital communications, I define, produce, and manage human-centered, SEO-optimized content both in English and Spanish.


I specialise in improving customer onboarding, activation and conversion metrics, engaging in one-to-one and one-to-many communication campaigns.


Optimizing the Onboarding Process of TribeScale

The Project: Optimizing the Onboarding Process of TribeScale TribeScale is a web and mobile based team management platform, aiming to bring the agility and high-performance of start up teams to companies of all sizes. Date: February 2017 Company: TribeScale Team: Alexis Roqué - Product...

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I’m always looking forward to collaborate in inspiring projects. Are you interested in creating an exciting experience and connect with your users? Let’s talk!